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Matthew Pizana is a screenwriter hailing from the mythical land of Dallas. Mr. Pizana has a lot of likes but only one love and that is cinema (technically two loves if you count his wife Dee Ann. Sorry Dee Ann). Matthew's mind film catalog traverses the decades from Nikkatsu Studios, Orion Entertainment, the Criterion Collection, and an assortment of movie theaters throughout the area. Yes, this man still leaves his house to watch movies.  


Most consistent tropes: Vincent Gallo and The Bodyguard


Turn offs: Citizen Kane and those John Hughes Brat Pack garbage 



Born in Kentucky, but having lived in Los Angeles, Texas, and Indiana, Matthew went to the NYFA at age 16 and attended The University of Southern California where he majored in Cinema/Television.

He has published a comic book, plays saxophone, used to speak/read Japanese, and sings along with Disney movies.

He is also a better writer than heart surgeon, and in person, looks just like Demi Moore.

MattMen the podcast is a show brought to you by Matt and Matt, film lovers and filmmakers. Matt Thornbury was brainwashed at the USC film school while Matt Pizana learned his filmmaking lessons from himself and Vincent Gallo. Together, they make the perfect odd couple. 


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