We at the MattMen podcast are starting the Monthly Mini-Movie-Making Marathon O' Madness!


we will make a short film EACH MONTH based on scripts sent in BY YOU.  Submit scripts UNDER 12 PAGES to us and we will decide, live, which one gets made!


You keep the rights to everything but the finished video (that's ours) BUT if you want to do your own version or make it a feature or whatever, that's fine by us.  


We will be doing live streams updating you on the progress of the production until the end of the month when we premiere it live on the internet!


Also, if your script doesn't get chosen, it stays in the running for the next month!


So, yeah!  Follow us, like us, share all of this and get as many people in on this as you can! 


Watch The Video


Watch The Previous Month's Mini-Movies!

September 2017


by Allan West

October 2017


by John Andreini

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